Byron Druss Chief Sock Monkey
Joey Callahan Comedian
Joan Weisblatt Comedian
Ed McGonigal Comedian
Bobby Zee Comedian
Mark Riccadonna Comedian
Byron Druss Comedian
Barry Stevens Comedian
Randy Levin Comedian
Chris Coccia Comedian
Grover Silcox Comedian
Jay Black Comedian
Marc Kaye Comedian
Vince Valentine Comedian
Norm Klar Comedian

Monkey Face Comedy produces fundraising shows for the fun of it, maximizing your funds for the few select shows we produce each year.

Mentors Vince Valentine and Norm Klar encourage me on the benefits of live comedy, hoping I'll become funny someday.

Live Comedy goes back before the 2000-year-old man, entertaining cavepersons throughout the world. In fact, they were the first to tour.

Call me at (609) 332-5282 to hold your own show. We hope you laugh all the way to the bank for your cause.

Why Monkey Face Comedy?

Monkey Face Comedians

Monkey Face Comedy attracts the best monkey business like Norm Klar, Grover Silcox, Jay Black (Voted #1 College Comedian), Barry Stevens, Gervase Peterson, Randy Levin, Vince Valentine ("Defending the Caveman"), Chris Coccia, Marc Kaye, Mark Riccadonna, Bobby Zee, Ed McGonigal and many more...

Past Shows Were a Blast!

Live Comedy Fundraising, Where We Work For Bananas
Bob Marsdale Comedian